Tahirih Moeller

About Me

Bio head shot.

Tahirih Moeller is a writer-doodler from Long Beach, California. She believes the most profound way to speak to audiences is through comedy and lyricism. When she’s not crafting sketches with her writing partner, she’s writing poetry filled plays about the everyday struggles and triumphs of being a Black woman in America. And on occasion, she does both.

Some of her notable accomplishments include taking second place for the 2016 Hip Hop Theater Creator Award at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival for her play A LIVE MIXTAPE, landing a feature in the American Theater Magazine 2019 Role Call Series as “People to Watch,” and becoming Playwright-in-Residence with the California Repertory at her alma mater California State University, Long Beach. Not to forget, she’s recently started reading Animorphs Book 1 and watching the fifth season of HunterxHunter...

Tahirih is currently part of the Greenway Court Theatre’s Inaugural LA Get Down Playwrights Group. 

If you’re interested in what goes on in the mind of a goofy Black creative, not-a-rapper rapper with anxiety, this is the place for you!